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Professionally Crafted Resumes: 

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Your resume should effectively market your expertise and value to employers for maximum impact and results.
My résumés are individually crafted and designed to leverage and showcase your unique value.
Work one-on-one with a Licensed, Masters Degree, (M.A., L.P.C.) Vocational Analyst, Professional Counselor with over 20 years of recognized, award winning Department of Labor experience working with Labor Market Information, Career Development, Education, and Training.

No template résumés, each résumé is individually crafted.  You will receive individualized, work history, résumé analysis and professional attention to detail from a Licensed Professional Counselor. 

We will personally coach and continue to work with you to design, and craft a unique 'living' résumé that will target a career path that gets results for you. 

Vocational Consultations

Vocational Consultations, Let us help you craft your individualized proposal or specialized marketing portfolio to assure your professional development, advancement and success!


Fee:  Resumes, $25.00 U.S. Dollars

Work Experience Evaluations, Specialty Occupation Letters, Vocational Analysis, Prevailing Wage Reports, and More for H1-B & Immigration provided by Janet M. DuVall, M.A., L.P.C. (Licensed Professional Counselor)

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